Thanks eclipse 2017 we needed you! 

Wonderful to see my friends and associates coast to coast taking time to look to the heavens, if only for a few moments, forgetting their earthy troubles. Our lives were eclipsed by a celestial show powerful enough to help us take a break from our terrestrial worries. I completely missed any part of viewing the eclipse. I was in an office with my eyes dilated. Yet I was able to spend the day on social media watching the nation watch the sun and moon. One friend who lived In the direct path described it like a bonus Christmas with friends and family coming together to celebrate the solar star party. Other fiends wrote poetry, shared photos of family and friends (all those pictures of the glasses!). The best part of the day for our family was that our daughter got engaged! It was magical to see so many happy posts. I can’t imagine a time when we needed it more. The Washington post had a great piece about that yesterday.
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s essential we spend time focusing on the troubles around us. I don’t think we should talk less about current events, world news, or the the politics of the day. I just think we should talk differently about them. We should try to find common ground with each other, rather than always assuming we have the higher ground. Yesterday was magical because we all looked up, looked up to something that transcends our daily chaos. We all live together here on this pale blue dot. Maybe yesterday’s celestial show can remind us how to live together.

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