My top five list!

I known you’ve all been waiting for my top five list! Here it is! My top five favorite blog posts of the year and why. enjoy! #elevatethedebate

#5 This was one of my least viewed but most important posts. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with life. The concepts here helped me have the courage to write. My writing this year has helped me see the world in a more hopeful lens. Have courage! Create something! Mind the gap! Read the post here.

#4 I still believe social media and the internet can be places of open dialogue where we can learn new ideas and new perspectives. Places to hear each other and learn from each other not just yell at each other or dismiss each other. Changing my own social media presence has helped regain optimism about the future of social media. Read the post here.

#3 This post caused me serious reflection on my own thoughts,beliefs and actions in regards to race. It was a much needed reflection. Read the post here.

#2 Unwarranted certitude is not a virtue. In fact I believe it’s a threat to democracy. Being informed doesn’t mean knowing your talking points. Being really informed helps you understand how much you don’t know! That kind of humility increases intellectual curiosity and subdues unwarranted certitude. Read the post here.

#1 I have spent 2017 really trying to understand why people think, believe and vote the way they do. Like many of you I’m worried about the hyper partisanship we see in the country. I’ve read a lot about tribalism this year, and understanding that has helped me understand others much better. Read post here.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Fill free to add any comments on your favorite or least favorite post of the year. Also what would you like to read about in 2018? Enjoy and thanks for reading #theblogismighterthanthesword