Dear Republicans and Democrats


Republicans: Your silence is deafening. We know there will categorically be no pivot. Mr. Trump is not going to change and somehow emerge presidential, reasonable or patriotic. The Faustian bargain your party has made with him has left your party weaker morally, intellectually and politically. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not on the ballot again, you now own Mr. Trump: his tweets, his tantrums, his racism and placating of despots are his legacy. Unless you separate from him it will be yours too. The good news is your party has an opportunity to speak truth to power void of partisan skepticism. Those who are brave will speak out against this President. They will be remembered in history as patriots not partisans. Republicans are in the unique situation to restore credibility not only to their party but to the country by holding Mr. Trump to account. When we think back to Mr. Nixon and his disgrace, one of the stories we tell is that of Republican leaders who came to the President and told him he would need to resign, sparing the country from a nasty presidential removal. The country needs solid conservative ideas and principles. Those who help to shape and lead the party in the future will have to answer for which side of the Trump line they were on. Now is a great opportunity for leaders to emerge, for all conservatives to choose country over party, to choose the next generation over the next election.

Democrats: Now is not the time to gloat nor to rush to the mic with outrage. We are exhausted by your outrage. Now is the time to aid Republicans in fixing their mess—to choose patriotism over points, speak to the ideals we hold sacrosanct. Resist the urge to make personal attacks against Mr. Trump. Definitely, you must help hold him accountable but do it with brave Republicans as your allies not your foes. This can be a moment to help bridge the partisan divide not exacerbate it. Speak truth to power but resist the urge to punish those who voted for Mr. Trump. We need now more then ever statesmen not politicians.



Those who love what the United States stands for