The Case for Impeaching AOC


We are ultimately responsible for how we defend our republic. If it deteriorates, we can not blame politicians. They are only put there by us.

Questioning the motives of some Democrats who would like to see President Trump removed is understandable.  It’s hard to imagine how anyone is not frustrated with our current hyper-partisan politics. None of this, however, is an excuse for ignoring the gravity of our current situation concerning Mr. Trump’s conduct or the complicity of many who share his political party. 

If President Trump is not held accountable for this conduct, what will stop future presidents from engaging in the same behavior?For those who are defending Mr. Trump, ask yourself these questions:

Would you have no problem with a President Ocasio-Cortez having Rahm Emmanuel fly around the world, offering to have President Ocasio-Cortez do foreign government officials favors, in exchange for targeting her political opponents? Would you be troubled if Ms. Ocasio-Cortez acting as president, withheld money approved by Congress to an ally, in exchange for political opposition research on her Republican opponent? 

Would you be with okay with Rahm Emmanuel soliciting money and favors from foreign actors to help slander, harass and potentially threaten US ambassadors? Would you be okay with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez refusing to allow anyone in her administration to testify in front of the House committees investigating these allegations?  Would you support her decision to release zero documents in regards to House investigations? Would you feel comfortable in her ability to continue to exercise her constitutional duties? Of course not! What we would hope for is that fair minded people of both parties would condemn such behavior. just as we hope that will happen now.

If we condone Mr Trumps current behavior because we condemn the motives of those we don’t agree with, we will in the end weaken our Republic, perhaps beyond repair. 

Everyone of us should be focused on what’s best for the country, not what’s best for our political party preferences. We have to let reason temper our tribalism. Our republic is depending on it.